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Welcome to FlipSetter!

● Looking for a new job?

● Starting a business?

● Need to manage your organization's activities?


At FlipSetter, we help you bring friends, family, associates, classmates and others together!

Our goal is to design software around YOUR needs. FlipSetter needs your insight and help to make this site the BEST all-in-one productivity tool, social media outlet, interactive job/position directory, and a hub for your communication and coordination needs. It’s fun, productive and free to use.


Join us and explore what we have to offer!

What is FlipSetter?

FlipSetter lets you create job profiles that are academic, social and professional with other tools so you can apply, employ and do much more.

Create and Employ

Register through our easy sign-up process that will allow you to immediately begin to recruit people for your daily businesses and maintenance needs

Use our Job Boxes© to post jobs

The Job Box© is a proprietary widget created by FlipSetter, Inc, and makes it easy for business owners to post jobs on their company pages on FlipSetter. The Job Boxes© tell people what job positions a business posts, and how many positions are available. The Job Box© also functions as a job application process where applicants can submit their profile information, and apply for a job in a single click!

Access your virtual business calendar

Our FlipSetter business account comes with a virtual calendar. The business owner(s) can access the calendar by going to the Event Management tab under Settings. Our calendar has an editor where you can plug in information, maps, links and other details that will help organize your daily work schedule.

You can also click and move events around the calendar if the event changes without having to delete it.

Customizable Security and Privacy Settings

Your privacy means everything to us, and so does the security of your business, yourself and your employees. You can access the Security and Privacy by going to the Settings section and you will see a series of Privacy options listed for:

  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Employees
  • Network
  • Jobs
These options can be further customizable using our drop down menu where you can select how private or public you want to be for any option:

  • Public
  • Private to Network
  • Private to Employers
  • Private

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Socialize with your co-workers, future employers and meet new people or apply for a new job of interest and browse through our list of results

Add people to your Networks

Add people to your networks, explore other businesses and organizations on FlipSetter and promote your skills to other people to let them know who you are. Networking is everything, and our tools will give you the benefits and advantages that you need to make your networking worthwhile!

Instant Messaging and Video Chat

This feature is coming soon. Instant message someone (e.g. co-worker, classmate, officer, etc...) about an upcoming event, presentation, meeting or assignment. Use discussions on IM to fill in event details and activities, and update them on to your portfolio in real-time!

Our embedded video tool will let you communicate via Skype with other people. The video chat is also a great and convenient way for people to host job interviews if you’re applying for a job, organization, school or any other opportunity elsewhere!

Search Engine

Our search engine provides you with everything you need to look for anything related to:

  • People
  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Jobs

Whether you want to connect with someone, find a job, network with your employer or join a club or organization, FlipSetter provides it all! Simply go to our search engine, and let your search unfold lots of different results.

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Job Swap

Plug in your FlipSetter profile to multiple companies and create more space for new employees

Experience the employment exchange

FlipSetter is an interactive directory which spotlights job opportunities in real time via social media. Our "employment exchange" program allows you to explore jobs, organizations and other opportunities within parameters designed by you! By collaborating with social media, open opportunities appear instantaneously!

The easiest way to transfer between jobs

Our job swap lets you switch from one job to another by simply removing one of the job posts from a Job Box© and replacing it with another job post. Swapping jobs couldn’t be easier, and now you created space for someone else to occupy that other job. Use our Job Boxes© to insert, delete and let applicants apply for jobs.

Let the Job Box© represent you!

The Job Boxes© let employers post jobs on FlipSetter company pages. Once you’ve been accepted for a job, you will then be listed on the employees list with all your other co-workers! When other people apply for the same job you did, let the Job Box© information illustrate what the job is all about, and network with new people to tell them what it’s all about!

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